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A. Ward's Cheesecakes

"A little temptation is always Good!"



By the way..

My mom had a suggestion for you ( I told her how your dream was to open your own bakery and you are getting your business off the ground now.) She mentioned a good way to get started and keep a steady clientele is to try to get restaurants to pick you up and have your cheesecake on their dessert menu. Just a thought! Not sure if you thought of this angle or not! Figured it wouldn’t hurt to tell you. She said that high end (non-chain) restaurants are a good place to start. And they would appreciate your variety and how absolutely WONDERFUL they are!

My next dinner party I will def be ordering another one! It was soooooo good!!


Pittsburgh, PA


“In this day and age, where quality of the bake goods is considered old schooled . A. Ward's Cheesecakes was recommended to me by a girl friend of mine, Glenda,, and now I know why – the quality of my "Flawless Turtle" Cheesecake. The blend of the flavors, mmmmmm, just thinking about it as I write this letter, makes my mouth just water!. Keep up the good work!”

White haired Grandmother of 12.


Apollo, Pa



Thank you..... P.S. I had cheesecake at Longhorns, your was much better........Well props due- You make one of the Best cheesecakes that I 've ever had....... Thanks again for a Delightful dessert.

Lisa V. L.

Cranberry Township, PA


"I had dinner with my family at Del's in Bloomfield and for dessert had to try an A Wards cheesecake. I had the Chocolate Covered Cherry Cheesecake and it was delicious! Even the waitress at Del's said that everyone there loves them! Great work Jason and Alonzo and can't wait to try other flavors as well!"


Pittsburgh PA


Happy New Years,

My Boss just told me that she took the Blueberry Cheesecake to a dinner party and that the guests "tore it up". They were particularly impressed by how light it was!

Thanks so much again for the great gift Idea!



Acorn Hill,

Pittsburgh, PA